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The Next Holy Grail Makeup Ingredient is Here and It's Called Aerogel

For many Filipinos, the search for the best foundation never ends. They're always hunting for a base that provides enough coverage, suits their skin type, doesn't break them out, and can survive the Philippine weather. The good news is there's a new makeup ingredient in the market, and it gives you everything you're looking for in a foundation: aerogel.

What is Aerogel?

A microscopic image of an aerogel, the NASA-approved oil control ingredient that is now used in cosmetics.

Aerogel is a revolutionary oil control ingredient approved by NASA. It's like gel minus the liquid, leaving a semi-transparent structure of fibers behind. These fibers are exceedingly porous, which makes them excellent for insulation. Aerogels fill in pores and blur out blemishes even in the nanometer range to make them virtually invisible.

Thanks to their porous nature, Aerogels can trap oils and sebum in the same way they absorb and collect space dust. And rather than reflecting light like a liquid or gel, this powerhouse ingredient diffuses light, giving a soft-focus look that helps hide wrinkles, pores, dark spots, and other flaws. 

Aerogels are also the lightest solid materials known in the world. When infused in a foundation, you get a base makeup that feels like you’re not wearing any product on your skin.

You can enjoy all these perks from the new Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel. Combining the ultra-lightweight feeling, excellent oil control, and micro-blurring properties, the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel reduces the appearance of blemishes without feeling heavy on the skin, giving you an all-day fresh and poreless look.

6 Things to Love About the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel

Packshot of the new Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel, with the city as a backdrop.

The new Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel from Maybelline New York is the "ultimate natural skin fit" that caters to everyone. Read on to discover how this revolutionary foundation will change the makeup game.

1. Suits all skin types

Three women of different skin tones wearing the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel on half their faces, showing the before and after of using the product.

Are you looking for the best foundation for oily skin? Well, the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel will be your new best friend!

Aerogel is originally an oil-controlling component, so it's a suitable ingredient for foundations formulated for oily skin. But the amazing thing about this ingredient is that it's hydrating as well. Aerogel aids in moisture retention, keeping your cells hydrated and your complexion smooth. It's also a gel-based ingredient, so it doesn't dry out the skin, which makes the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel suitable for all skin types.

2. Feels amazingly lightweight

The new Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel swatched on medium skin tone.

Aerogel is the lightest solid substance on the planet. Nevertheless, its airy molecules are surprisingly tough and immune to extreme environments. Maybelline's Fit Me with Aerogel has a formula that feels like nothing on your skin while giving you long-wearing coverage that lasts up to 16 hours. 

The product’s lightweight feeling, coupled with its amazing oil control properties, makes it the perfect base makeup for the Philippine weather. You no longer have to worry about your makeup caking or melting due to oil accumulation, especially now that summer's here again.

3. Provides medium to high coverage

Two pictures sitting side by side. On the left is a close up portrait of a woman wearing the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel. On the right is the same girl holding up a bottle of the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel.

Aerogel gives the Fit Me foundation a "diffused" effect that blurs out wrinkles, enlarged pores, pimples, and pigmentation by evening out your skin's complexion. The product also has buildable coverage, so you can adjust the opacity of your foundation depending on the makeup look you’re going for.

If you're going for an everyday, "no makeup" look, for example, you can swipe on a thin layer of foundation just to even out your skin tone and hide your blemishes. But you can also build on your foundation to achieve full coverage if you want a glam look.

4. Caters to all skin tones

The 15 shades of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation swatched on 15 people of different skin tones.

If you're morena, then you know the struggle of looking for a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Fortunately, the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel is available in 15 shades with different undertones, so you can say goodbye to base products that make your face shades lighter than the rest of your body.

5. Perfect for everyday wear and glam looks

Three models of different skin tones holding up a bottle of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel.

The Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel has everything you need in an everyday product. It's hydrating, oil-controlling, and lightweight— perfect for more glam looks! You can pile on more products without worrying about your makeup feeling heavy or uncomfortable on your skin.

6. Affordable

A packshot of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel with a female on the left and cityspace in the background.

The Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel is budget-friendly, so students and young professionals can achieve a poreless, oil-free look every day without breaking the bank. The product retails for ₱299 for the 18ml tube and ₱499 for the 30ml bottle.

Look Poreless and Oil-Free All Day

Filipina modeling the Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel, the most lightweight foundation yet

Thanks to aerogels, you now have a foundation that has everything you want in your base makeup – long-wearing, lightweight, oil control, buildable coverage, and a shade range that guarantees the perfect match for your skin tone. The best part is you can get all that in under ₱500!

The new Fit Me Foundation with Aerogel is definitely a product you want in your makeup pouch at all times. Get yours now through Maybelline's official Shopee store or Lazada official store today.

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