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Recreate Iconic Euphoria Makeup Looks with These Products


It’s been months since Euphoria’s latest season ended, but the beauty community is still raving about some of the signature looks from the show. We’re talking about rhinestones, bold eye colors, and overall baddie vibes.

Because the show’s makeup and wardrobe were definitely a serve, we know all you makeup lovers are itching to cop the best looks of your fave Euphoria characters. So, we’ve put together this list of viral Euphoria makeup looks you can easily recreate using Maybelline products.

Iconic Euphoria Makeup Looks

Whether you want to showcase your inner baddie and pull off a Maddy or be sweet and feminine like Cassie, you'd definitely slay with these looks:

Lexi’s Twiggy-Inspired Look

As Euphoria’s resident “good girl,” Lexi leans more towards natural, everyday makeup. She jazzes up her looks by emphasizing on one part of her face – either with a bold lip color, dramatic eyes, or intense highlight. 

In the second season, Lexi rocks a Twiggy-inspired look, sporting bright eyeshadow and ultra-long lashes that are reminiscent of the ‘60s.

To start, make your base using the FitMe Aerogel Foundation. This foundation appears skin-like and dewy, creating a base that makes the colors of your makeup look stand out.

The main attraction in Lexi’s retro-inspired look is the eyelashes, so be sure to use a mascara that can lengthen your lashes and make your eyes pop. The Sky High Mascara delivers the volume and limitless length you want for this look. 

Maybelline-Lash-Sensational-Sky-High-WTP-802-VERY-BLACK-041554590906-AV4 (1)

Apply your mascara starting from the roots of your lashes, wiggling the wand slightly as you move toward the tips. This makes your lashes fully coated but without the annoying mascara clumps we all hate.

Pink-toned lips are essential to nailing British model Twiggy’s iconic ‘60s look. You can choose from SuperStay Vinyl Ink’s extensive shade range selection to find a pink lippie that suits your skin tone. Coy is a purple-pink Barbie shade that’s perfect for retro-inspired looks, while Peachy is more on the coral-pink side that makes for an everyday MLBB shade that isn’t boring.


Maddy’s Baddie Makeup Look

Throughout both seasons, Maddy’s looks have consistently been bold and stunning to reflect her strong personality. One of the most iconic parts of her style is her dramatic eye makeup. Since the first episode, you can see her sporting all sorts of dazzling eye accessories, ranging from eyebrow gemstones to hot pink liners. 

Focus on your mascara game to recreate a look that’s worthy of the queen herself. The Hypercurl Mascara works best for this look because it can curl and volumize even thin, sparse lashes. It’s also smudge- and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your mascara crumbling and running down your face later in the day. 


Complete your baddie look with a bold SuperStay Matte Ink lippie shade. You can opt for a nude or a dark plum-toned shade, which is Maddie’s signature lip color. Some of the bold, plum shades you can try are Founder, Testy, and Voyager, whereas Enthusiast, Seductress, and Dreamer are pink-based nudes that suit every skin tone.

Cassie’s Spidery Lashes

Cassie Howard is the sweet and sentimental one of the friend group. But despite being pretty and popular, she usually gets the short end of the stick and is forced to deal with situations that are beyond her control. Because of this, she rocks two types of looks throughout the seasons: her classic Cassie look and her Maddy imitations. 

Cassie's typical look uses a lot of shimmer on her eyes, highlighted with soft peachy tones. But when she’s trying to unleash her inner baddie, she experiments with sharper and bolder styles. 

For Maddy’s birthday in Season 2, Episode 4, Cassie went with her signature sweet, feminine look, but with the added touch of spidery lashes and twinkly rhinestones on the bottom lashes. Her base is mostly nude and focuses on keeping her skin as natural-looking as possible to bring out the flush of her cheeks.

You can achieve this skin-focused look by skipping the liquid foundation. Instead, you can simply spot conceal your problem areas then set it using the FitMe Powder Foundation. This product delivers 24-hour oil control, so you can wear it to parties, too.

128 Warm Beige (1)

To create a natural-looking blush, the Cushion Matte Lip Tint line has a range of shades, so you’ll surely find one that matches the color of your natural flush. This air-whipped lip tint is highly blendable and doubles as a cheek tint too!

For your eyelashes, the Falsies Lash Lift is the best mascara for the job. This product gives you spider-long lashes that make you look like you’re wearing lash extensions, nailing Cassie’s birthday party look to a T.


Kat’s Monochromatic Cherry Red Look

Each character in Euphoria has their look figured out and acts as a reflection of who they are. But with Kat, the story’s a little different. Throughout the show, you can see Kat sporting all sorts of different styles. This shows she’s still trying to figure herself out and exploring her options. 

One of the most notable looks Kat has done is her monochrome cherry red makeup. She matches her blush, eyeshadow, and lip color then defines her eyes with a sharp wing and thick lashes. 

Kat sports dewy skin in her cherry red look, which you can recreate with the FitMe Aerogel Foundation. This will give you the coverage you need to hide your imperfections while keeping your skin glowy and healthy-looking.

For your monochromatic eyes and cheeks, Cushion Matte in Girl Who Rules is a classic red shade that suits all skin tones. Whether you have morena or fair skin, you can use this product to cop Kat’s cherry red look.

Finish everything off with SuperStay Vinyl Ink in Red Hot. This bright, orange-toned red matches your eye and cheek color, so it’s the perfect red to tie the makeup look together. The pigment of this lippie is definitely buildable, so you can stick to one coat to achieve a softer, more diffused look if you don’t want your lips to appear too bold. 


Glam Up with Maybelline 

Recreating looks from your favorite show can be one way to get in the groove of mastering your makeup skills. With Europria’s iconic looks trending online recently, now is a good time to show off your passion for makeup. But because of how detailed some of these looks are, it can be tricky to master them right away if you don't have the right products. 

Shop your staple makeup products today at Maybelline's official Shopee and Lazada stores.

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