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How to Perfect the Feathered Eyebrows: 3 Pro Tips

How to Perfect the Feathered Eyebrows 3 Pro Tips

Just like what the famous quote says, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Well, one perfect way to make your eyes pop even more is to achieve a strong look that highlights the eyes. From the classic penciled to bold and Insta-ready looks, finding the best eyebrow product has become more essential among beauty experts and makeup influencers today.

If you want to know how to perfect the current feathered eyebrow trend, you'll need to prepare first a few key tools. This includes a reliable eyebrow pencil, some brow gel, a highlighter of your choice, and a good-quality brow brush. Once you have all the necessary equipment, you're ready to start.

Pulling off the feathery brow look might be hard to do perfectly on your first try. If you have naturally bushy eyebrows, you're in luck as long as you keep them nice and groomed. On the other hand, if your brows are on the thinner side, you can easily remedy the issue with a good eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

With a bit of practice and some guidance, you'll be able to master this technique and pull off a natural feathery look that will upgrade your Instagram game in no time.

1. Brush the brows up


Before you start filling in your brows, you need to start shaping them first. By doing so, you can get to know your brows better and understand where all the natural gaps are and the direction of their strokes. A key factor in perfecting the feathered brow is to start small with light touches. Use your brow brush and start combing sparse areas first around the outer part of your brow.

Slowly brush your brows in an upward direction and fluff them one section at a time to create a feathery texture. This will allow you to create the volume you need as you move the brush towards the center of your eyebrows. Remember to follow the natural arch of your eyebrow to achieve a laidback feathering look.

2. Create more definition by drawing tiny hair-like strokes


Now that you have shaped your eyebrows into your desired look, you're more aware of the gaps between them. For the next step, start by filling them up in sections with your brow product in small and light feathery strokes. We recommend the Maybelline Define and Blend Brow Pen which allows you to get that soft feathered brow with its precise angled tip for hair-like strokes that look like your natural brow hair.

Make sure to use small upward strokes that are going in a slightly slanted direction towards the outer edges of your eyes. You can also fill in other areas if you want to add more definition to your brows. Remember to start with the arch and slowly make your way towards the tail, then return to the start of your eyebrow and blend it all in.

The Maybelline Define and Blend Brow Pen is perfect for the feathered eyebrows you've always wanted because of its unique angled tip that gives you naturally feathered brows. Easily blend and brush up your brows with the spoolie brush on its other end.

The Maybelline Define and Blend can be used for every day and for any occasion because it's waterproof, smudge proof, and sweat proof that can last for up to 12 hours! You don't have to worry if your feathered eyebrows are still in shape.

Keep in mind that this step requires a lot of practice to get the look flowing in the right direction, so don't worry if you make a mistake--just wipe it off and start over.

3. Correct and conceal


Once you have your desired definition, you can start setting your brows with a clear brow gel that can last for a long time. Remember not to use too much to avoid darkening or changing the natural tones of your eyebrows and the overall feathery look.

Start by setting the gel on the center of your brow and slowly move outwards while maintaining an upward stroke. You can also apply it to other areas that you've filled in earlier to get a fuller effect as the color sticks.

Once the gel has set, use your correct shade of Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer to clean up any areas and cover up minor flaws and blemishes. You can use the applicator for easy application of concealer. Once that has set, too, use your highlighter to add the finishing touches to your feathered brow look.

Be Bold and Beautiful

Eyebrow styling is one of the most popular expressions in the beauty world that highlights your style and personality. Show off your beauty on social media and start watching those likes roll by in no time.

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