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Here’s How Having Great Skin Can Improve Your Makeup Look


Most people rely on makeup products to achieve the perfect look for the occasion, but they often forget that their best bet in making the most out of their products is to have a good base.

Think of your skin as a blank canvas. The paint can sit well when you have a platform with zero to minimal bumps or gaps. And while everyone has blemishes, dark spots, or wrinkles because these are natural and sometimes even inevitable, you can go around them and still create and wear amazing makeup looks.

It is important to keep a consistent skincare routine, especially when you regularly use makeup. Different factors can make your skin worse over time, and even if makeup helps you look better and feel confident, letting it sit on your face for too long can be one of those factors. But, fear not—you can use this quick guide to learn how maintaining great skin can boost your overall appearance, including your makeup look!

The Benefits of Having Great Skin

When it comes to perfecting your makeup, having great skin can be a huge advantage. Below are just a few of the many amazing benefits you can gain by maintaining healthy-looking skin.


1. Achieve an even skin tone

Having uneven skin can be tricky, but you can rely on products like foundation and concealer. With Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Poreless Foundation, you have a wide range of choices to match your skin tone.

The Fit Me Foundation has micro-powders and mattifying clay to achieve even skin tone in any part of your face and at any angle. More importantly, it has SPFPA22+++ for the ultimate sun protection to avoid discoloration.

Of course, a regular skincare routine can also help to gradually even out skin tone and get rid of dark spots. With this, a consistent look becomes easier to achieve with less effort.

2. Slower aging of the skin

Having a healthy skincare routine isn’t just about getting rid of blemishes and inflammation. With the right products, you can even slow down signs of aging and lower the risk of wrinkles and sagging skin. After some time, you will notice your face looking younger and more radiant as the skin around it tightens and fine lines smoothen out.

To further boost the reverse-skin-aging effects of your routine, opt for concealers infused with goji berry and Haloxyl™ for your makeup routine, such as the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. Acting as a micro-corrector to erase dark lines and fine lines, this concealer will help you look radiant and lift your eyes instantly.

3. Remove dirt and unclog pores

The build-up of dirt and bacteria in your pores is one of the leading causes of acne breakouts. When you don’t consistently take care of your skin, your zits become bigger, and covering up these blemishes becomes harder, making your desired look seem more unnatural.

If you want to maintain smooth and flawless-looking makeup, using a reliable facial cleanser before and after you apply your products can be a great way of doing so.

Aside from making sure that you remove your makeup after a day’s work, you can even choose makeup products that don’t clog your pores altogether, like the Maybelline Fit Me! 24hr Powder Foundation. This foundation has SPF44 PA+++ for sun protection, giving you the freedom to enjoy your time outdoors. It also aims for a flawless matte finish without causing acne build-up and skin irritation. And yes, it’s mask-friendly, too!

4. Making sure your skin is hydrated is just as important as exfoliating it

While removing dead skin cells helps you look more refined, keeping your skin hydrated in the very first place will prevent your skin from reaching the stage of bacteria and oil build-up. Use products like the Maybelline Sensational Cushion Matte Lip Tint which is infused with Vitamin E for a plump, soft-looking, and hydrated lips.

5. Find the right shade for your skin tone

When you maintain great skin, finding the right shades of makeup products for your desired look becomes easier because your skin tone stays even. Before going on your next shopping trip, feel the firsthand experience of seeing your favorite Maybelline products on your skin with our Maybelline Virtual Try-on tool!

6. Pick the colors that will complement your skin

Choosing the right colors for your look can be tricky if you don’t have an even skin tone to match them to. Luckily, you can solve this problem with a good skincare regimen. Once your face has balanced out, you can pick the perfect colors for your products that will flawlessly complement your skin.

Healthy Skin for a Picture-Perfect Look

Achieving different makeup looks can be challenging when you are not taking care of your face and skin in the very first place. Because of this, maintaining a healthy skincare routine should always be an essential part of your day.

Hit that share button today and let your loved ones know that having great skin shouldn’t be hard. All it takes is a bit of time and consistency to get that perfect look!

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