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Follow This Get-Ready Makeup Routine When Working from Home


Most people have been working from home since the start of quarantine. With your bed only a few steps away from your workstation, it can sometimes feel like there’s no need for you to get ready. But, establishing a morning routine, even when you're working from home, is still important.

According to psychologist Ron Friedman, the first three hours of your day is when you can be focused. You can use that time for planning and thinking about how you can maximize your productivity. Whether you decide to drink lemon water or exercise upon waking up, you must carve out a portion of your morning for self-care.

For some, a simple, get ready with me morning routine before work is enough of a quick mood boost. Even if you’re not leaving home, following a makeup routine may help you connect with yourself and reduce your anxiety—and you get to look presentable during video call meetings, too!

Working from home doesn’t mean having to look drab, so have fun and glam it up! Here’s an easy and simple home makeup routine to help you feel put together and ready to conquer the day.

1. Start with a clean face and moisturize your skin


Before diving into your makeup routine, cleanse your face first and go through your skincare routine. A fresh base will remove any excess oil and dead skin from your face, allowing your makeup products to sit well on your skin. After cleansing, pat your face dry with a soft towel.

Afterwards, a skincare routine should always have a moisturizing element. It keeps your skin hydrated for the day. When you work for long hours indoors, the environment can get dry and stuffy, so a good moisturizer can prevent your skin from drying and even from developing wrinkles in the long run! You can use cream or gel moisturizers, as long as it’s suitable for your skin type.

2. Apply a lightweight matte foundation


Applying a lightweight matte foundation can easily get you camera-ready and shine-free for virtual meetings. Maybelline Fit Me! 24h Powder Foundation can also cover uneven skin tone and redness. The Fit Me! 24h Powder Foundation also has SPF 44 PA+++ and oil-control ingredients to keep you oil-free all day. Just apply a small amount of the powder foundation to your face. With the sponge, blend and layer the product until you get your desired coverage.

You can also opt for a foundation with SPF like the Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid Foundation. Sun protection is essential even indoors, as the UV rays can still pass through windows and affect your skin. While glass windows can filter out UVB rays, UVA rays can still get to you and cause skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging.

3. Cover eye bags and blemishes with concealer


When coffee isn’t enough to perk you up after staying up late (whether that’s due to work or just binge-watching), you can apply concealer under your eyes to hide those bags and brighten your under-eye circles. Oil-free concealers, such as Maybelline’s Fit Me! Concealer, are perfect for everyday use and is also good for shielding your “maskne” or hyperpigmentation.

When your skin looks blemish-free, you gain extra confidence in keeping your camera on during work meetings. Plus, your skin won’t look unflattering even if you have bad lighting.

4. Put some color on your face with a lip and cheek tint


Blending lip and cheek stain on your cheekbones, tip of the nose, and lips adds some color to your face and prevents you from looking washed out during video meetings.

If you have non-stop video calls during the day, you’ll need a dependable, multi-use lippie with pigment that lasts. Maybelline Sensational Cushion Matte does exactly that, and it glides upon application and smoothly blends the color for a balanced looking lip finish. It’s infused with Vitamin E, too, so you don’t have to worry about dry lips even when you wear it all day. Lip tint and lip care in one? Sign us up!

To use, glide the lipstick wand by following the contours of your mouth. Then, dab a few dots on your cheeks and eyelids and blend those out for a bit of color on your face.

5. Get eyes that pop with curled lashes


For a simple, at-home makeup look, putting on mascara will do the trick if you want to make your eyes pop. Add a quick coat of mascara to give your lashes definition. With Maybelline’s Hypercurl 36 Hour Waterproof Mascara, you don’t need to curl your lashes. Just sweep the curved mascara brush up from root to tip for thick, curvy lashes that look luscious from all angles.

Did we mention it’s both smudge-proof and waterproof? Yes, it’s made to last all day, from meeting to meeting.

6. Define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil


Keep your eyebrow hairs defined with a brow pencil. First, draw a few light horizontal strokes at the base of your eyebrow. Then, draw some strokes upward, mimicking the direction of your natural hair growth to help fill in sparse hairs. An eyebrow pencil with a slim angled-tip and spoolie, like the Maybelline Brow Define and Blend, is the perfect product for framing your natural look.

Reinvent Your Me-Time Routine

When your work commute is just from your bed to your desk, applying full-face makeup seems unnecessary. However, it’s not ideal to bring your “just woke up look” to work, either.

Juggling home and work can be draining and lead you to put yourself last on your priority list. Allotting 10–15 minutes for a makeup routine before you clock in will give you some time for yourself and think about how you can make yourself feel and look better for the day. A simple makeup routine, coupled with chic makeup products, can help you look fresh, presentable, and Zoom-ready!

Want your work squad to look as fabulous as you during your video meetings? Share this article with them and let them discover their go-to work-from-home makeup look!

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