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5 Fabulous and Easy Eyeliner Looks Anyone Can Pull Off


Scroll through your IG feed or TikTok FYP and you can see that almost everyone's rocking their best eyeliner looks for 2021. It truly is a hot trend with Gen Zs today to flick that eyeliner edge and pull off a fun yet laidback eye makeup.

What's great about eyeliners is that they're very versatile. You can draw inspiration from different eyeliner looks and pick the one that suits your preference. Here's a list of fun, cool, yet easy eyeliner looks you can try, along with eyeliner tips to help you pull it off. Before you move on, don't forget to cover the basics: the best black eyeliner and a steady hand!

5 Fabulous and Easy Eyeliner Looks You Need to Try

1. The Stiletto Wing


@lindserlandsen (left) and @paulafrux (right) of the Maybelline Squad

Inspired by the stiletto heel, this wing can make a statement without needing too much thickness. To achieve this look, it's best to use a thin, angled eyeliner brush or liquid eyeliner.

Apply the eyeliner along the top lash line using the narrow side of the liner tip. Trace the lash line in an outward motion towards the end of the eye, then end by forming a stiletto-thin wing shape. This outward motion, which allows you to reduce pressure as you near the corner, will ensure you get the right width.

2. Doubled-up Liner

One of the best parts about eyeliners? They can add more drama to your look--twice. The doubled-up liner can give your eyes more character and excellent definition. Achieve this look with a pencil or liquid eyeliner that doesn't smudge.


@sndra.stblo (left) and @kateparedes_ (right) of the Maybelline Squad

To start, drag the eyeliner brush from the inner eye corner to the outer corner using small, short strokes. This creates a classic cat eye look. From there, add another line on top and against the outer side of the cat eye you just drew. You can be as adventurous as you like and experiment with different shapes. You can even try drawing shapes that connect to your crease line.

3. Natural-Winged


@fiohilario (left) and @myrrhpicache (right) of the Maybelline Squad

If you're going for a more subtle look, then go for a natural-winged style. Applying a tiny amount of eyeliner can still define your eyes.

For instance, short-winged eyeliner styles may look simple but are one of the most popular since it suits most face types. Achieve that natural look by drawing a thick line across the upper eyelid. You can choose to finish up with a small, slightly arched wing.

Here's a tip: If you drew your wings too thick, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover and clean the lines to define them.

4. The Black and Bold Eyeliner


@nadiasultan__ (left) and @piadayalo (right) of the Maybelline Squad

Parading the catwalks of fashion week in Paris are these hyperblack eyeliner makeup. It's not shy of going for thick strokes, and dark eyeshadow for an intense pigment of black. Pair this with a nude lip to make sure your eye makeup is highlighted from afar.

To create this look, draw a line below your eye and follow the stroke to the outer section of your eye. Next, draw your typical cat eye on your eyelid but make sure that the flick doesn't connect with the bottom line. It's rock and chic both at the same time.

5. Graphic Lines


@dany.paige (left) and @matyluarca (right) of the Maybelline Squad

Here's one unique eyeliner look to add to your arsenal and will surely be eye catching (no pun intended). Turning the common one line eyeliner to different shapes and formations!

To create this style, there's literally no one specific rule. Find a peg and use it as inspiration or listen to your imagination. If you are tired of the typical cat eye or smokey look, go ahead and explore with graphic liner eyeliner look.

The Best Black Eyeliners That Can Pull Off Any Look

There are many other eyeliner looks to choose from, and each look is distinct. To take advantage of all of them, make sure to get an eyeliner that's versatile enough to achieve all these looks. Here's a list of the best black eyeliners you can add to your makeup bag:

1. HyperSharp Laser Liner

The HyperSharp Laser Liner is perfect for those who want to achieve precise lines. With 0.01mm tip, avoid the mess and look your best with the waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner.

MNY_Hypersharp Intense Black

2. Line Tattoo Impact Pen

Last from day to night and more with Maybelline Line Tattoo Impact Pen! With a 24-hour long lasting formula made with Japan technology, you don't have to worry about reapplying it every time. It is also waterproof and smudge-proof to accompany you on any day.

MNY_Line Tattoo Impact Pen

Draw from Your Creativity, Explore, and Start Drawing!

There are truly no limits to your eyeliner game. You can explore the smokey to the classic cat eye, the natural to the double wing. But remember, selecting the right and the best eyeliner look comes from good experience. Your eyeliner creativity can only be improved if you start practicing and experimenting. Improving your application skills will come a long way in making the perfect eye statement, so start practicing with the looks and tips you've learned today!

Now that you're ready to start pulling off your best eyeliner look, it's time to share your secrets with the world! Share this article with your family and friends so they can achieve a fabulous eyeliner look too.

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